Mielikki association

Nordic Walking club membership fees from 1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020

Course for beginners

Session 1 (introduction - first steps) 5 €
Sessions 2 to 5 50 €
Repeat course 25 €
Repeat session 5 €

Included in this price: loan of sticks and insurance cover.


  • students and under 18s : 35€
  • repeat course free for club members
  • repeat session free for club members

Information for members of Mielikki (season 2019-2020)

As of 1 November 2017, nordic walking will become one of the official sports of the athletics federaration of Wallonia-Brussels www.lbfa.be) and thus be recognized by Adeps (www.adeps.be).

The club is therefore automatically a member of the LBFA whose official year runs from November to the end of October.

For 2019-2020, club membership fees will depend on the month you joined,

Month joined


This price includes:

October to end December

€ 60

Club and LBFA membership as well as insurance cover (Arena) for all nordic walking activities organized by the club or another member club, until 31 October

January to end March

50 €

April to end June

40 €

July and August

30 €


€ 15 discount is accorded by request to the 10-18s, students under 25, benefit receivers and people living outside of Belgium!


Bonus for members

  • Participation in all activities organized by the club (walks, training sessions, events, etc.) + repeat courses or sessions at no extra charge;
  • Discounts in certain shops (on request)

Important :

  • Some health plans will cover part or all of your membership fee: don't forget to take advantage of this scheme;
  • Your employe• Some employers will also refund the cost of membership in sports clubs…well worth looking into!

By joining the club, you not only support the club, but also help to develop this all-round sport which can be enjoyed by all and procures good health and well-being


Our "classic" walks are free of charge for members of Mielikki.

Members of nordic walking clubs recognized by the LBFA may occasionally take part free of charge and may be asked to show their membership card. If they wish to regularly take part in Mielikki walks, they will be asked to join the club.

Seasonal walks: sometimes a small charge may be made to both members and non-members.

Anyone who enjoys walking, with or without sticks, may join one of our walks irrespective of whether they are members of Mielikki or MN LBFA. They will not however be covered by our sports insurance.

Bank details of the club :

IBAN : BE07 9795 8167 6366