Michel Colmant
president of Mielikki

is an accomplished sportsman. A trained physical education teacher, he extended his functions some years ago to the promotion of sport at school. He then developed a passion for Nordic walking. He learned the technique and trained to become a certified instructor before organizing his first training sessions. He now regularly organizes training sessions for the general public of all ages.


as Michel’s wife, very soon caught the sports bug and several years ago was tempted to try Nordic walking.
She was immediately impressed by the technical benefits of this discipline and the physical and mental well-being it procures.
She also appreciated the companionship it fosters when walking in a group.
She has been a teacher for over 25 years. Now equipped with her walking poles she continues to use her teaching skills at weekends in the woods! She has also trained and received her instructors licence from the LFBMN.

Christian ROMBAUX

It was while on holiday in Finland that Christian first heard about nordic walking.
Back in Belgium, and wanting to know more about the sport, he made some enquiries and soon joined a club where he could learn the technique. The walks with the group reminded him of the happy times he had in his youth with the scouts. What's more, he found he had less aches and pains and felt better both physically and mentally.
Wanting to take his newly discovered passion even further, he trained to become an instructor with the L.F.B.M.N. It is thus that after following a course with Mielikki, he joined the team of monitors in order to bring the sport to his native region of Tournai and its surrounding hills. He likes organizing walks from 10 to 15 km long in the mixed terrains of these regions.
When teaching the sport, Christian finds that there is a real exchange of ideas with the others and that he receives as much as he gives. The experience is very fulfilling, both from a personal and technical point of view. Hence his motto "Together we can forge our future fitness."