Introductory course.

The introductory cycle is composed of 5 stages..
The goal of this course is that the participants acquire an effective and complete walking technique in order to maximize its physical benefits.
The course doesn’t require any particular abilities apart from active concentration!!
You can improve your physical condition with the instructor’s assistance during our themed walks or advanced training sessions.

Each class takes about 1.45 to 2 hours. Each class begins with a warm-up and ends with some stretching exercises.

As regards the necessary equipment ensure you need to have:

  • the appropriate footwear (such as trainers);
  • clothing suitable for the weather conditions (there are very few cancellations of training sessions due to the weather).

Walking poles are provided at each class.

Note: The first class is an initial introduction to nordic walking. There is no obligation to continue the course after this class.

Stage 1

After becoming acquainted with your instructor the equipment and the members of the group, you will take your first steps with the walking poles. Your instructor will briefly explain the next stages .
By understanding the complexity of the technique, you will gain a better understanding of the numerous physical benefits it can provide.
At the end of this stage, you will be already able to walk in the “Nordic style”: with the arms stretched and the poles at an anglee.
You will also be introduced to the technique of releasing and catching the pole as you walk.

Stage 2

This stage is probably the most complex one: coordinating the complete movement.
At this stage our goal is twofold:

  • to fully master the movements learned in stage 1 and obtain maximum amplitude of the backwards arm movements;
  • to learn to grasp and release the poles as we walk, no longer letting them drag.

Stage 3

Besides perfecting our mastery of the movements learned in the previous stages, this stage focuses on the posture and balance of the body. This exercises the core muscles of the body.
You will constantly be reminded to: straighten the upper body, tighten the core muscles, use the sticks as an active means of support, lengthen the body… Your walking style will become more fluid as you learn to rotate the upper body, which both speeds up your pace and exercises the waist and abdominal muscles.

Stage 4

After ensuring that you have mastered the first three stages, we will tackle the finer points of the technique such as a rolling movement of the foot which will give you a more dynamic way of walking and increase the length of your stride, while exercising your buttock and thigh muscles. The rotation of the pelvis completes the technique and further increases your momentum.

Stage 5

This stage is composed of 3 parts:

  • a quick revision of the previous four stages;
  • working on the different paces of nordic walking (slowing down, speeding up, alternating the two, slow running, …) and muscle strengthening exercises;
  • walking on different terrains (uphill, downhill, tackling obstacles, etc.)
At the end of these five stages, you will have acquired the complete Nordic Walking technique… it remains up to you to maintain it on a regular basis! You will have obtained a clear vision of the nearly unlimited physical possibilities it offers you. And to reward you for all your efforts, the 5th stage ends with a drink to celebrate your new activity and our new friendship!

What next … ?

To continue to progress, we invite you to:

  • walk on a regular basis, alone or with a group, and to remain attentive to your technique;
  • take part in the walks organized by the club;
  • if you think it is necessary, you can repeat a complete initiation cycle (at half price) or one of the stages (5 €/session).

Initiation fee