The walks

Each year Mielikki and its instructors organize about 150 classic or themed walks.
They are open to anybody who wants to participate, even non-nordic” walkers.
Please consult ourdiary for details of the times and meeting places.

Consult our diary for details about the place, time and type of walk. Find out more by simply clicking on the item you are interested in.
You may also contact the instructor organizing the walk for more information.

Note: a headlamp and light coloured (or fluorescent) clothing are necessary in winter.

From early November to the end of February, our “winter evening” walks on Wednesdays take place in places selected for extra safety (Ravel paths, woodland paths with minimum obstacles, etc.) or in floodlit sports grounds.

  • Seasonal (4x a year) and other walks
    The club proposes a marked out trail at your own pace at each change of season. These walks often end with an informal meal together and other events may be organized along the way.

  • In addition to this calendar, other walks are sometimes proposed (on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, public holidays or during the school holidays.)

    The club also sometimes invites its members to participate in events organized by other clubs or organisations, trails, etc.)

    All the walking trails are known and/or prepared beforehand by the instructors who favour woodland or the countryside and avoid as much as possible concrete and tarmac roads.

    General conditions.

    Participation in the walks, excluding those organized by other organizations or outside the region, is free of charge to the members of the club.

    Please note that non-members (Mielikki or LBFA) are not covered by our insurance!!!!!

    Regulations (fr)